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2017 MLK Tourney (updated 1/12)

The annual MLK tourney has grown into one of the best preseason tournaments in SoCal thanks to the incredible work by event organizers. What started as just a few teams at a few fields has grown into an event that has 48 of the best teams in SoCal all descending to fields in-and-around the Orange County area.

The event is presently scheduled to begin Friday and run through Monday. With rain expected to hit the Southland all day on Thursday, coaches are hoping to have fields ready to play on by the weekend.

There have already been modifications to the schedule as a result of the weather that's hit the area this week and there are likely to be more coming. Therefore, for updates throughout the event, be sure to follow @sanjuanmissions for updates on the schedule and game results.

The event is expected to have many top committed and uncommitted players participating, giving pro scouts an opportunity to get eyes on some upcoming draft eligible prospects. Every coach I've spoken with told me they look forward to this event every year as it serves as the unofficial kickoff for their season.

"It's an opportunity to play really good competition in mid-January which gives us a really good opportunity to evaluate where we are headed into the season," said one participating head coach. "We hope (the tournament) continues for a long time."

Below is the complete schedule as of Wednesday, January 11th. 

1. Jserra Catholic2. Chatsworth3. Vista Murrieta4. El Dorado
Friday:vs Villa Park 4:00No GameNo GameNo Game
Friday:vs Agoura 6:30 No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Calabassas 8:00at Jserra 10:30at Santa Margarita 10:00vs De LaSalle 1:00 (JS)
Saturday:vs Chatsworth 10:30at Dana Hills 1:30vs Valencia 1:30 (Saddle)vs Bishop Amat 6:00 (JS)
Sunday:No Gameat Tesoro 10:00at San Clemente 10:00at St John Bosco 10:00
Sunday:No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
Monday:vs Moorpark 10:30at St. John Bosco 10:00vs Servite 8:00 (JS)vs West Ranch 12:00
8. Moorpark9. San Luis Obispo10. Canyon11. Great Oak
Friday:No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:at Dana Hills 10:00at Esperanza 10:00vs Thousand Oaks 10:00at El Toro 1:00
Saturday:No Gameat El Modena 1:15vs El Camino Real 1:15vs Agoura 3:30 (JS)
Sunday:at Mission Viejo 10:00at Villa Park 10:00vs Camarillo 10:00No Game
Sunday:at Tesoro 1:00at Canyon 1:00vs San Luis Obispo 1:00vs Valencia 1:00 (Sant)
Monday:at Jserra 10:30No Gamevs Palm Desert 10:00at Corona 10:00
15. Calabasas 16. Malibu17. Palm Desert18. Agoura
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Gameat Jserra Catholic 6:30
Saturday:at JSerra 8:00vs Riverside Poly 8:00 (JS)at Tesoro 10:00vs Palm Desert 1:00 (JS)
Saturday:at Woodbridge 10:45at Woodbridge 1:30vs Agoura 1:00 (JS)vs Great Oak 3:30 (JS)
Sunday:at San Clemente 1:30at St Paul 10:00No Gameat Santa Margarita 10:00
Sunday:vs Bishop Amat 6:00 (JS)No Gameat Santa Margarita 1:00at Dana Hills 1:30
Monday:vs De LaSalle 8:00 (JS)at Tesoro 10:00at Canyon 10:00No Game
22. De La Salle (2) 23. Camarillo24. Capo Valley Christian25. JW North
Friday:No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Temecula Valley 10:00 (Sant)at El Modena 10:00vs West Ranch 10:00 (CYP) at San Clemente 10:00
Saturday:vs Riverside Poly 1:00 (Sant)at Foothill 1:00vs Sun Valley Poly 2:00 (CYP)at San Juan Hills 1:00
Sunday:vs ML King 8:00 (JS)at Canyon 10:00at Buena Park 10:00No Game
Sunday:at Crean Lutheran 10:30at Esperanza 1:15at St Paul 1:00vs West Ranch 1:00 (JS)
Monday:at Santa Margarita 9:00No GameNo Gamevs Harvard Westlake 10:30 (JS)
29. Crean Lutheran30. Bishop Amat31. Sun Valley Poly32. Oaks Christian
Friday:No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Sun Valley Poly 10:00No Gameat Crean Lutheran 10:00at Corona 10:00
Saturday:No Gamevs El Dorado 6:00 (JS)at Capo Valley Christian 1:00 (CYP)at Corona/Santiago 1:00
Sunday:vs De Lasalle (2) 10:30vs Harvard Westlake 3:30 (JS)vs Temecula Valley 10:00 (Sant)at El Toro 10:00
Sunday:vs Birmingham 1:30vs Calabasas 6:00 (JS)No GameNo Game
Monday:vs Newbury Park 10:00at Corona Santiago 10:00at Buena Park 10:00at Mission Viejo 10:00
36. Harvard Westlake37. Foothill38. Esperanza39. Newbury Park
Friday:No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:at El Toro 10:00vs El Camino Real 10:00vs San Luis Obispo 10:00at Villa Park 10:00
Saturday:at Mission Viejo 1:00vs Camarillo 1:00vs Newbury Park 1:00at Esperanza 1:00
Sunday:No Gamevs Newbury Park 10:00vs El Camino Real 10:00at Foothill 10:00
Sunday:vs Bishop Amat 3:30 (JS)vs Thousand Oaks 1:00vs Camarillo 1:15No Game
Monday:vs JW North 10:30 (JS)vs Alemany 10:00vs Birmingham 10:00at Crean Lutheran 10:00
43. Woodbridge44. El Toro45. Mission Viejo46. Villa Park
(Ryan Lemmon Stadium)
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Gameat Jserra Catholic 4:00
Saturday:vs Calabassas 10:45vs Harvard Westlake 10:00vs De LaSalle 10:00vs Newbury Park 10:00
Saturday:vs Malibu 1:30vs Great Oak 1:00vs Harvard Westlake 1:00vs Thousand Oaks 1:00
Sunday:at San Juan Hills 10:00vs Oaks Christian 10:00vs Moorpark 10:00vs San Luis Obispo 10:00
Sunday:No Gamevs Notre Dame 1:00vs Riverside Poly 1:00No Game
Monday:vs Riverside Poly 10:00vs Etiwanda 10:00vs Oaks Christian 10:00No Game
50. Birmingham51. Notre Dame52. AlemanySaturday Host Site Game
Friday:No GameNo GameNo GameJserra Field 2
Saturday:at St Paul 10:00at Corona/Santiago 10:00No Game8:00 Riverside Poly vs Malibu
Saturday:at Buena Park 1:30at Corona 1:00at San Juan Hills 10:0010:30 Valencia vs Roosevelt
Sunday:vs Etiwanda 10:30 (JS)at El Toro 1:00vs ML King 10:30 (JS)1:00 De LaSalle vs El Dorado
Sunday:No GameNo Gamevs Servite 1:00 (JS)
Monday:at Esperanza 10:00No Gameat Foothill 10:00
Saturday Host Site:Saturday Host Site:Saturday Host SiteSunday Host Site
Jserra Varsity(Saddleback College) Corona Santiago (Field 2) Corona Santiago (Field 2)
8:00 JSerra vs Calabasas10:00 Temecula Valley vs De LaSalle (2)10:00 Sun Valley Poly vs Temecula Valley
10:30 Jserra vs Chatsworth1:00 Riverside Poly vs De LaSalle (2)
1:00 Agoura vs Palm Desert 1:30 Vista Murrieta vs Valencia
3:30 Agoura vs Great Oak
6:00 El Dorado vs Bishop Amat
5. St John Bosco6. Thousand Oaks7. Santa Margarita
No GameNo GameNo Game
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Etiwanda 10:00at Canyon 10:00vs Vista Murrieta 10:00
Saturday:vs ML King 1:00at Villa Park 1:00vs West Ranch 1:00
Sunday:vs El Dorado 10:00at El Modena 10:00vs Agoura 10:00
Sunday:vs El Camino Real 2:00at Foothill 1:00vs Palm Desert 1:00
Monday:vs Chatsworth 10:00No Gamevs De LaSalle (2) 9:00
12. West Ranch13. Valencia14. Temecula Valley
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Capo Valley Christian 10:00 (CYP)vs Roosevelt 10:30 (JS)vs De LaSalle 10:00 (Sant)
Saturday:at Santa Margarita 1:00vs Vista Murrieta 1:30 (Saddle)No Game
Sunday:vs JW North 1:00 (JS)at Corona Santiago 10:00vs Sun Valley Poly 10:00 (Sant)
Sunday:vs De LaSalle 3:15 (JS) (2) Lights?vs Great Oak 1:00 (Sant) at Roosevelt 1:30
Monday:at El Dorado 12:00No Gameat San Clemente 10:00
19. El Camino Real20. Buena Park21. De La Salle
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:at Foothill 10:00vs Servite 10:00at Mission Viejo 10:00
Saturday:at Canyon 1:15vs Birmingham 1:30vs El Dorado 1:00 (JS)
Sunday:at Esperanza 10:00vs Capo Valley Christian 10:00vs Servite 8:00 (JS)
Sunday:at St John Bosco 2:00No Gamevs West Ranch 3:15 (JS) (2) Lights?
Monday:No Gamevs Sun Valley Poly 10:00vs Calabasas 8:00 (JS)
26. El Modena27. Roosevelt28. Servite
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Camarillo 10:00vs Valencia 10:30 (JS)at Buena Park 10:00
Saturday:vs San Luis Obispo 1:15at Tesoro 1:30No Game
Sunday:vs Thousand Oaks 10:00vs Temecula Valley (Roosevelt) 1:30vs De LaSalle 8:00 (JS)
Sunday:No GameNo Gamevs Alemany 1:00 (JS)
Monday:vs Roosevelt 10:00at El Modena 10:00vs Vista Murrieta 8:00 (JS)
33. San Clemente34. Corona/Santiago35. Etiwanda
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Jw North 10:00vs Notre Dame 10:00at St John Bosco 10:00
Saturday:vs Calabasas 1:30vs Oaks Christian 1:00No Game
Sunday:vs Vista Murrieta 10:00vs Valencia 10:00vs Birmingham 10:30 (JS)
Sunday:vs Etiwanda 1:00No Gameat San Clemente 1:00
Monday:vs Temecula Valley 10:00vs Bishop Amat 10:00at El Toro 10:00
40. Riverside Poly41. ML King42. Corona
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Malibu 8:00 (JS)No Gamevs Oaks Christian 10:00
Saturday:vs De LaSalle 1:00 (Sant) at St John Bosco 1:00vs Notre Dame 1:00
Sunday:No Gamevs De LaSalle (2) 8:00 (JS)at Dana Hills 10:00
Sunday:at Mission Viejo 1:00vs Alemany 10:30 (JS)No Game
Monday:at Woodbridge 10:00at San Juan Hills 10:00vs Great Oak 10:00
47. San Juan Hills48. Dana Hills49. Tesoro
Friday:No GameNo GameNo Game
Saturday:vs Alemany 10:00vs Moorpark 10:00vs Palm Desert 10:00
Saturday:vs Jw North 1:00vs Chatsworth 1:30vs Roosevelt 1:30
Sunday:vs Woodbridge 10:00vs Corona 10:00vs Chatsworth 10:00
Sunday:No Gamevs Agoura 1:30vs Moorpark 1:00
Monday:vs ML King 10:00No Gamevs Malibu 10:00
Sunday Host Site GamesSunday Host SiteMonday Host Site
Jserra VarsityJserra Field 2Jserra Varsity/Field 2
8:00 Servite vs De LaSalle8:00 ML King vs De LaSalle 28:00 Servite vs Vista Murrieta
10:30 Alemany vs ML King10:30 Etiwanda vs Birmingham10:30 Jserra vs Moorpark
1:00 JW North vs West Ranch1:00 Alemany vs Servite8:00 Calabasas vs De LaSalle
3:30 Bishop Amat vs HW3:15 West Ranch vs De LaSalle (JS)10:30 Harvard Westlake vs JW North
6:00 Bishop Amat vs Calabasas(Until Dark)?
Monday Host SiteSunday Host SiteSt Paul: (Late Add)
Corona Santiago (Field 2) Roosevelt HSSat: vs Birmingham10:00
No GameTemecula Valley at Roosevelt 1:30 Sund: vs Malibu 10:00
Sund: vs Capo Valley Christian 1:00

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