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2015 Palm Desert Classic

The Palm Desert Classic has become one of the top annual winter baseball tournaments in SoCal often drawing the top teams from the region and the 2015 edition appears to fall in line with that tradition. The tournament will run from 12/9 thru 12/13 at the eight sites: College of the Desert, La Quinta HS, Indio HS, Shadow Hills HS, Palm Desert HS, Xavier HS, and Palm Springs HS.

The tournament has proven to be one of the most competitive in the fall/winter season and the expectation is that will hold true again in 2015. There are some very competitive matchups early in the tournament which will feature some top players in their respective classes.

Below is the full schedule for the tournament.

Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
Biship Amat- BA Fri. 5:30  vs los osos @ COD Sat. 9:00am vs San Clemente@ COD Sat. 11:30  vs Gahr @ COD TBA
Los Osos- LO Fri. 5:30 vs Bishop Amat @ COD Sat. 2:00 vs San Clemente @ COD Sat. 4:30 vs Gahr @ COD TBA
Gahr- GA Fri. 7:45 vs San Clemente @ COD Sat. 11:30 vs Bishop Amat @ COD Sat 4:30 vs Los Osos @ COD TBA
San Clemente- SC Fri. 7:45 vs Gahr @ COD Sat. 9:00am vs Bishop Amat @ COD Sat 2:00 vs Los Osos @ COD TBA
La Quinta-LQ Fri. 5:30 vs San Marcos @LQHS Sat. 9:00am vs Servite @LQHS Sat 2:00 vs El Dorado @LQHS TBA
Servite- Ser Fri. 7:45 vs El Dorado @LQHS Sat. 9:00am vs La Quinta @LQHS Sat 11:30 vs San Marcos @LQHS TBA
San Marcos-SM Fri. 5:30 vs La Quinta @LQHS Sat. 11:30 vs Servite @LQHS Sat. 4:30 vs El Dorado @LQHS TBA
El Dorado- ED Fri. 7:45 vs Servite @LQHS Sat. 2:00 vs La Quinta @LQHS Sat. 4:30 vs San Marcos @LQHS TBA
Indio- Ind Thur. 5:30 vs Poly @IHS Sat. 9:00am vs Tustin @IHS Sat. 2:00 vs El Modena @IHS TBA
Riv Poly- RP Thur. 5:30 vs Indio @IHS Sat. 11:30 vs El Modena @IHS Sat 4:30 vs Tustin @IHS TBA
Tustin- Tus Fri. 7:45 vs El Modena @IHS Sat 9:00am vs Indio @IHS Sat 4:30 vs Poly @IHS TBA
El Modena-EM Fri. 7:45 vs Tustin @IHS Sat 11:30 vs Poly @IHS Sat. 2:00 vs Indio @IHS TBA
Shadow Hills- SH Wed. 5:30 vs MLK @SHHS Thur. 5:30 vs Roosevelt @SHHS Sat. 9:00am vs Torrance @SHHS TBA
Temecula Valley- TV Wed.. 5:30 vs Hemet @PDHS Fri. 7:45 vs Torrance @SHHS Sat. 4:30 vs Loyola @SHHS TBA
Hemet- Hem Wed. 5:30 vs Temecula Valley @PDHS Thur. 5:30 vs Murr. Mesa @LQHS Sat. 2:00 vs Torrance @SHHS TBA
Roosevelt- Ros Thur. 5:30 vs Shadow Hills@PDHS Fri. 7:45 vs Loyola @SHHS Sat 2:00 vs Foothill @SHHS TBA
Loyola- Loy Fri. 7:45 vs Roosevelt @SHHS Sat. 11:30 vs Murr. Mesa @SHHS Sat. 4:30 vs Tem. Valley @SHHS TBA
King- MLK Wed. 5:30 vs Shadow Hills @SHHS Sat. 11:30 vs Damien @SHHS Sat. 4:30 vs Foothill @SHHS TBA
Damien- Dam Fri. 5:30 vs Foothill @SHHS Sat. 9:00am vs Mur. Mesa @SHHS Sat. 11:30 vs MLK @SHHS TBA
Foothill- FH Fri. 5:30 vs Damien @SHHS Sat. 2:00 vs Roosevelt @SHHS Sat. 4:30 vs MLK@SHHS TBA
Torrance- Tor Fri. 7:45 vs Tem Valley @SHHS Sat. 9:00am vs Shadow Hills @SHHS Sat. 2:00 vs Hemet @SHHS TBA
Murrieta Mesa-MM Thur. 5:30 vs Hemet @LQHS Sat. 9:00am vs Damien @SHHS Sat. 11:30  vs Loyola @SHHS TBA
Palm Desert- PD Tues. 5:30 vs Oak Hills @PDHS Sat. 9:00am vs St. Paul @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs Laguna Beach @PDHS TBA
St. Paul- SP Fri. 7:45 vs Cypress @PDHS Sat. 9:00am vs Palm Desert @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs Vista Murrieta @XHS TBA
JW North- JWN Thur. 5:30 vs Santiago @PDHS Fri. 5:30 vs Vista Murrieta@PDHS Sat. 11:30 vs O. Lutheran @PDHS TBA
Oak Hills- OH Tues. 5:30 vs Palm Desert @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs El Toro @PDHS Sat. 4:30 vs Cypress @PDHS TBA
El Toro- ET Fri. 5:30 vs Santiago @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs Oak Hills @PDHS Sat. 4:30 vs O. Lutheran @PDHS TBA
Cypress- CYP Fri. 7:45 vs St. Paul @PDHS Sat. 11:30 vs Santiago @PDHS Sat. 4:30 vs Oak Hills @PDHS TBA
Santiago- San Thur. 5:30 vs JW North @PDHS Fri. 5:30 vs El Toro@PDHS Sat. 11:30 vs Cypress @PDHS TBA
Laguna Beach- LB Fri. 7:45 vs O. Lutheran @PDHS Sat. 9:00am vs Vista Murrieta @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs Palm Desert @PDHS TBA
Orange Lutheran-OL Fri. 7:45 vs Laguna Beach @PDHS Sat. 11:30 vs JW North @PDHS Sat. 4:30 vs El Toro@PDHS TBA
Vista Murrieta- VM Fri. 5:30  vs JW North @PDHS Sat 9:00am vs Laguna Beach @PDHS Sat. 2:00 vs St. Paul @XHS TBA
Xavier- Xav Wed. 5:30 vs Tahquitz @PDHS Fri. 5:30 vs Chaparral @IHS Sat. 9:00am vs Yucaipa @ XHS TBA
Tahquitz- Taq Tue.6:30 vs Yucaipa @ PDHS Wed. 5:30 vs Xavier @ PDHS Sat. 11:30 vs Chaparral @ XHS TBA
Chaparral- Cha Thur. 5:30 vs Yucaipa @ PDHS Fri. 5:30 vs Xavier @IHS Sat. 11:30 vs Tahquitz @ XHS TBA
Yucaipa- Yuc Tue. 6:30 vs Tahquitz @ PDHS Thur. 5:30 vs Chaparral @ PDHS Sat. 9:00 am vs Xavier @ XHS TBA
Palm Springs-PS Wed. 5:30 vs Great Oak @ LQHS Thur. 5:30 vs Corona @ SHHS Sat. 9am vs West Torrance @ PSHS TBA
Great Oak- GO Wed. 5:30 vs Palm Springs @ LQHS Sat. 11:30 vsWest Torrance @ PSHS Sat. 2:00 vs Corona @ PSHS TBA
Corona- Cor Thur. 5:30 vs Palm Springs @ SHHS Fri. 5:30 vs West Torrance @ SHHS Sat. 2:00 vs Great Oak @ PSHS TBA
West Torrance- WT Fri. 5:30 vs Corona @ SHHS Sat. 9:00am vs Palm Springs @ PSHS Sat. 11:30 vs Great Oak @ PSHS TBA

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