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Player Notes 2014 Sunshine West Showcase

I worked the Perfect Game Sunshine West Showcase in San Diego, CA on June 7th and 8th. The event was based out of Southwestern College but games were held at a total of four sites. I was there in the role of scout where I had the opportunity to see every player go through the position specific workouts and batting practice.

While I didn't get to see every player play games, I did discuss every player with other scouts in attendance. Below is a list of players that stood out to me with some notes on each. I did not include players who are currently committed to colleges of which there were 13. Players are listed by graduation year with 2018 at the top.

If you're are interested in discussing players in more detail, you can reach me on Twitter @leslukach. 

Name Position B/T Grad Year High School Notes
Zack Prajner SS,RHP R/R 2018 San Marcos (San Marcos, CA) Quick first step and good lateral movement allows him to get to many balls others wouldn't. Quick release and strong, accurate arm. Not much pop at the plate currently but shows a keen understanding of the zone and plate coverage. On the mound he was 82-84 and flashed solid and consistent CB and Changeups. A true three-pitch guy.
Grant Burton OF, LHP, 1B L/R 2018 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) One of the biggest standouts at the event, Burton showed a strong arm during OF workouts throwing 82 MPH to 3B from RF with accuracy. At the plate, Burton uses his lower half very well which allows him to keeps his hands inside the ball and generates very good bat speed. Big physical player (6'0" 180) has power potential and showed it with some deep balls during BP. Showed very good plate discipline while covering the outer half very well. Also showed speed during in game AB's.
Bradley Polinsky C S/R 2018 Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA) Good setup and a quick exit allowed him to pop 2.02 - 2.1 consistently and accurately. At the plate he's short to the ball and attacks the inner half with a high leg kick and quick hip rotation. Uses the lower half very well. 
Sterling Hayes MIF,3B R/R 2018 Francis Parker (San Diego, CA) Good build at 6'0" 160. Shows very good lateral quickness and above average footwork. Has enough current arm strength to make all throws. Gets to all balls he should and some he shouldn't. Bats with high hands and a semi-open stance. Uses quick hands to get the barrel through the zone where it stays through entirety of swing. Will add strength which will translate into more line drives.
Nick Donnelly 1B,3B R/R 2018 Poway (San Diego, CA) Donnelly is still growing into his body and it shows a bit on defense where his feet are a bit awkward at times. The glove plays now at 1B. At the plate, the 6'1" 182 freshman-to-be shows big power potential with a quiet, neutral stance and fast hands that gets, and keeps, the barrel in the zone throughout the swing. Also flashes some speed as evidenced by his in-game standup 3B to RCF. 
Jacob Allred OF,RHP L/R 2018 Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA) An incoming freshman that looks like an upperclassman on the field. Showed a strong arm that was accurate during OF workouts. Great body control that was smooth. At the plate he showed + bat speed with quick hands from a balanced approach. Maintained balance throughout the swing. 
Jared Jackson RHP,3B,OF R/R 2018 La Costa Canyon (San Diego, CA) A very live arm that shows some accuracy inconsistencies, the long, lean athlete shows incredible instincts from the OF where he has the best chance to play. At the plate he sets early and uses very fast hands to get and keep the barrel in the zone. Needs to add strength, but shows a very good understanding of the zone. 
Ben Martz C R/R 2017 Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks, CA) Using a good low base along with solid footwork, Martz popped 2.08-2.19 routinely. A strong, accurate arm made him stand out. While there are some things to clean up, he showed he has big time potential behind the dish. At the plate the 5'11" 160 Martz used his lower half very well. He rocks a bit into his swing with high hands but gets them through the zone quickly. 
Abbot Haffar RHP,3B,OF R/R 2017 Simi Valley (CA) The 2017 multi-position player stood out for a number of reasons. Firstly he showed a very strong, accurate, loose arm from the OF. In the INF he showed the same arm strength along with very good footwork. The bat stood out where he flashed power potential by barreling up all pitches during BP. In game he continued to show an advanced approach with very good plate coverage and discipline. 
Matthew Rudick OF,LHP L/L 2017 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) Strong, accurate arm from the OF despite a smallish frame (5'7" 145). Takes very good routes to the ball with great body control. On the mound he sat 83-84 with the FB and flashed a two-plane CB that sat 72 and was unhittable. At the plate is where he'll make his name. Gets the barrel through the zone with very fast hands from an open stance. A line drive hitter, he was peppering balls to all fields all weekend. Was 3-4 against #1 overall pick, Brady Aiken, during the regular season. 
Brett Borgogno SS,OF R/R 2017 Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA) Smooth actions in the INF workouts to go with a strong arm, body control, and very good lateral movement and instincts. Has a wide base with quick hands at the plate and flashes line drive potential. 4.42 runner to 1B.
Justin Ledgerwood 3B,1B R/R 2017 Christian (Alpine, CA) Showed well in the MIF workouts with smooth glovework. Showed better at 1B where the glove was one of the top 3 at the position. At the plate he showed a low crouching stance that allows him to explode into the ball with fast hands and good bat speed. Line drive hitter to all fields. 4.86 runner to 1B.
Jonathan Schiffer 3B,OF,RHP R/R 2017 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) Schiffer continues to impress with consistent and smooth actions with the glove to go with a strong arm across the diamond. Uses an upright stance to generate good bat speed and gets barrel on the ball more often than not. When he fully extends he hits the ball a long way.
Blake Wagenseller OF,3B R/R 2017 Poway (San Diego, CA) Long, lean athletic speedster who was 4.37 to 1B from the right side showed a very advanced approach at the plate. Using high hands and a leg kick, he drives the ball to all fields with quick hands and a wide base. 
Kyle Hurt RHP,1B R/R 2017 Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA) Hurt is a big, physical presence at 6'2" 205 who reaches back and lets it fly touching 85 with the FB and an advanced changeup at 73-75. At 1B he shows good footwork along with solid glovework. At the plate his swing is a little long from an upright stance but flashes big time power potential. 
David Niddrie 3B,RHP R/R  2017 Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA) Flashed good glove and footwork during INF workouts to go with a strong, but sometimess erratic, arm. In game though he made all the throws and showed incredible range to both sides. Has power potential resulting from a high leg kick and power from the lower half. Showed great plate coverage both in BP and in game. 4.7 runner to 1B. 
Cole Mueller INF,C,RHP R/R 2016 Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA) Solid INF who shows advanced glovework to go with good feet and lateral movement. The arm is good not great. Uses an open, upright stance where he loads early and hitches his hands as his trigger. Consistent hitter in BP and in games. 
Cameron Deere 3B R/R 2016 Harvard Westlake (Studio City, CA) Showed very good footwork despite a thicker, physical build. Flashed easy, smooth actions with a strong, accurate arm in the INF. Attacks the ball with a wide base and a slight lung/kick. Gets and keeps the barrel in the zone and flashes power potential. Is a little pull happy at the moment but showed he can go the other way. 4.93 runner to 1B.
Josh Hartman INF,RHP R.R 2016 The Webb Schools (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Showed very good feet and a strong arm along with smooth INF actions with the glove during workouts. In game he showed incredible range to both sides while playing 3B. He's quick through the zone with a quiet approach that covers the outer half well. 
Adam Lopez 3B,RHP,1B R/R 2016 Grossmont (San Diego, CA) Showed good bat speed which allowed him to barrel everything up. Flashed some power potential on some deep fly balls in game. More of a 1B than a 3B, Lopez has smooth footwork to go with a reliable glove. 
Anthony Inatsugu SS,C S/R 2016 Santa Monica Showed excellent body control during the INF/OF workout session along with above average footwork and a solid glove. Behind the plate he showed well with pops ranging from 2.01 - 2.14. Uses an upright stance and showed the ability to adjust to pitches. 
Nathan Walker C,RHP R/R  2016 Carlsbad (San Diego, CA) Popped 1.95-2.0 all weekend with great feet and a very quick transfer with every throw on the bag. During BP Walker showed big power potential hitting line drives all over the yard with a quiet approach and great weight transfer. On the mound he was 86-89 with an easy/repeatable delivery that intimates there is a lot more in there. 
Tommy Riggs MIF R/R 2016 Chaparral (Scottsdale, AZ) Plays the ball very well and aggressively. Current arm strength is a +. Uses high hands and big leg kick but is short thru the ball and keeps the barrel in the zone throughout. 
Griffin Keller 1B,OF R/R 2016 Millikan (Long Beach, CA) One of the top 3 1B at the event, he showed a strong, accurate arm across the diamon to go with great body control and a smooth glove. At the plate he uses a wide base with a slight lunge and high hands. He keeps his weight back and attacks the ball with quick hands and keeps the barrel in the zone. 
Joe Hernandez 3B,RHP R/R 2016 Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA) Made all throws from the OF workout although the body control was a bit sloppy. From the INF though, he showed excellent body control coupled with good hands and a strong arm. At the plate he opened eyes with big power potential and consistent hard line drives to all fields. Big, physical body (6'2" 230) should continue to develop more strength. 
Max Mehlbaum LHP,OF L/L 2016 Taft (Los Angeles, CA) Intriguing prospect on the mound where he shows a fast, quirky delivery that kept hitters off balance during his 3 IP. In the OF he lets it fly with accuracy. Throws were all on ropes. Ultimately, his future is on the bump where he is certain to add velocity with physical maturation.
Geoff McCalley OF,INF L/R 2016 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) From the OF he showed a very strong, accurate arm with all throws on the bag on a rope. At the plate he's an all-fields hitter that flashes big power potential. Uses the lower half very well and keeps the barrel in the zone a long time. 
Chase Sandman LHP,OF L/L 2016 Mountain Ridge (Peoria, AZ) Big accurate arm from the OF during workouts and in game. Throws were on a rope. At the plate he showed very quick hands along with very good plate coverage. Kept the barrel in the zone with a level plane swing. 
Connor Lunn RHP,3B R/R 2016 Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA) At 6'3" 205, Lunn looks the part once he steps on the field, then he steps on the mound and confirms the gut feeling. Sitting 86-88 with downhill slope on his FB, he compliments it with a slider at 75 that shows a lot of depth. While he didn't throw a CB he says he's working on improving that pitch. Here is video from Steve Fiorindo from April 24, 2014. 
Charlie Verrone MIF,RHP R/R 2016 Los Osos (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) An interesting prospect in that if he showed more consistency he'd be one of the most sought out recruits in his area. Flashes very advanced glove and footwork to go with a strong arm but at times makes the routine look difficult. Accurate throws on the run are a regular and he shows good body control from both the INF and OF. Threw 90 MPH from RF - 3B. Shows a balanced open stance that allows him to get his hands inside and the barrel through the zone. 4.82 runner to 1B.
Anthony Acosta MIF,RHP R/R 2016 Simi Valley (CA) Acosta showed + glove and footwork along with a strong arm during the workout portion of the showcase. In the BP portion he flashed fast hand which produced + bat speed. A line drive hitter he showed some power potential. A bit of a pull hitter, he was 4.82 to 1B. On the mound he sat 79-82 with his FB and a sharp CB at 75 with 11-5 break. 
Jake Suddleson OF,RHP R/R 2016 Harvard Westlake (Studio City, CA) A starter for the Wolverines in the OF this past season, Suddleson shows a lot of potential at the plate and in the OF. Starts with a good base and a leg kick trigger, he keeps his hands inside the ball and gets the barrel through the zone nicely. Throws his hands and head flies open at times, but his approach is very consistent. Strong, accurate arm during the OF workouts. 
Thomas Savich INF,OF S/R 2015 Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA) Very quick release with a strong, accurate arm one he has the ball in glove. Showed good lateral movement and is smooth with the backhand. At the plate he has a balanced, neutral stance. Uses his hand movement as his trigger. 
Shane Nobiesky C,RHP,OF S/R 2015 Granite Hills (San Diego, CA) Very athletic catcher where he popped a whopping 1.71 during workouts. The switch hitter has a quiet approach where he uses his lower half well and generates + bat speed. A line drive hitter, he appears a bit more comfortable from the left side. 
Tyler Durna 1B L/L 2015 Ayala (Chino Hills, CA) Unquestionably the best all-around 1B at the event. Smooth, effortless actions defensively to go with a very strong, accurate arm across the diamond. Appears that the game slows down for him when on defense. + glove, + footwork around the bag. Take charge type of guy on plays he's involved in. All fields hitter that flashes power potential. Gets and keeps barrel in the zone throughout swing. 
Chris Ceballos C,3B,OF R/R 2015 Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA) The big bodied Ceballos showed very well at all positions but made his mark with his bat. During a loud round of BP he repeatedly hit balls hard to all fields. Uses his lower 1/2 half very well and keeps the barrel in the zone which produced line drives all weekend. Popped 1.87 - 1.93 during the catching workouts with a quick release and very good footwork. 
Jake Peloquin SS,2B R/R 2015 Basha (Chandler, AZ) Strong, accurate arm with throws all at the chest of the 1B. A max effort defender who shows good lateral movement and body control. At the plate he barrels everything up from a high hands, quiet, neutral base. Power potential. 
Adre Riveroy INF,OF R/R 2015 Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) Some of the smoothest hands at the event during INF workouts. Flashed a strong arm and good footwork as well. From the OF he showed a strong, accurate arm on all throws. He plays the ball well rather than sitting back on it. At the plate he showed quick hands with a slight load. Swing is a little choppy but he gets barrel on it more often than not. 
Michael Guerena SS,3B R/R 2015 Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA) Smooth feet with a reliable glove pair with a strong arm to make Guerena an intriguing prospect. More of a 3B than a SS because of uncertain range potential, Guerena's bat plays at either position. Shows an early load then attacks the inner half consistently which allows him to barrel everything up. Pepper the opposite field all weekend. 
Patrick Vizcaino MIF R/R 2015 Don Lugo (Chino Hills, CA) Showed good footwork and arm strength during INF workouts making plays to both sides. At the plate he shows a wide base with a slight back load that allows him to use his quick hands to get through the zone. An all field hitter.
Harry Gard 1B,RHP R/R 2015 Sandra Day O'Connor (AZ) Showed + glovework and range at 1B. Handled bad throws with ease. A quiet line drive swing keeps the barrel in the zone a long time and flashes power potential and regularly produces line drive hits. 
Chandler Weisz C R/R 2015 La Jolla Country Day (San Diego, CA) Receives very well with very good footwork behind the plate. Frames pitches very well. Popped 1.94 during workouts. At the plate has a quiet/balanced approach to go with quick hands. Barrel stays in the zone throughout his swing. All fields hitter.
Justin Bardwell C R/R 2015 Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA) Popped 1.95-2.0 consistently. Stays low, even during his release. A quick transfer and regular throws on the bag made him stand out. Flashed pullside power during BP and in game AB's. 
David Evans C R/R 2015 Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ)  Popped 1.87 - 2.01 all weekend despite average mechanics. A little slow out of his crouch but has a cannon for an arm that produced throws on the bag routinely. Shows power potential and produced gap-to-gap hits during BP and in game. Gets a little top hand heavy at times. 
Chasen Wilson INF S/R 2015 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)  Long, lean athletic build shows a smooth glove with light feet which lends itself to great range to both sides. A strong arm let him make all the throws. An upright quiet approach with quick hands allows him to turn on balls and get the barrel through zone. A line drive hitter who projects some power if the body fills out. 
Pikai Winchester INF L/R 2015 Iolani (Kapolei, HI) Great body control and lateral movement couples with a strong arm across the diamond makes him an interesting prospect. Uses an open/wide stance with quick hands to get inside the ball and pepper the opposite field. 
Justin Mellano OF R/R 2015 Sonora (Fullerton, CA) Good catch and release guy with good instincts and body control. Uses his speed to track down balls in the gaps and down the line. Uses a small step trigger to get his swing going. Is a little hipsy at time but keeps hands inside consistently. Long, lean, athletic body (6'1" 170).
Francisco Chavez SS,OF R/R 2015 Otay Ranch (San Diego, CA) Good body control with a smooth glove and strong arm, Chavez also showed the ability to get to ball deep in the hole as well as deep backhands. At the plate he stays closed with the left shoulder and shows neutral hands. Has a bit of a long extension, but he keeps the barrel in the zone. 
Zach Martinez C,OF R/R 2015 Lakewood (Lakewood, CA) During OF workouts he showed a strong, accurate arm with very good feet and body control. Balls came out and arrived on ropes. Behind the plate he has a quick exit and release but the transfer was a bit sloppy. Popped 2.01 - 2.21. Big power potential with quick hands. 4.72 runner to 1B.
Matt Hudgins OF L/R 2015 Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) Don't be fooled by the small frame (5'9" 190), Hudgins is a ballplayer. Showing a very strong/accurate arm, he kept balls on a rope during OF workout drills touching 86 to 3rd base from RF. Using an open stance, the thick OF gets the barrel in the zone and flashes big power potential. At times gets a little handsy with this swing. Was 4-5 with 2 HR, 2 1B and 2 SB in one game. 
Connor McCollum RHP,INF R/R 2015 Marina (Huntington Beach, CA) Didn't show too much at the plate or in the infield. Then he took to the mound where he sat 88-90 (T91) with a seviceable CB in the 73-76 range. Commanded both sides of the plate with the FB that features some run into RHH. Impressed enough on the mound to earn an invite to the PG National. 
Dametri Evans C,3B,OF R/R 2015 Tahquitz (Hemet, CA) Despite some sloppy mechanics behind the plate, Evans showed the most accurate arm on throws to 2B that popped in the 1.94 - 2.1 range. Big, physical body with good hands allows him to hammer balls gap-to-gap. I was told he was up to 90 on the mound recently. 
Ryan Watts OF R/R 2015 Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) Coming off an incredibly hot second half of the season, Watts showed his big time power potential during the BP session squaring up balls repeatedly. Using a wide stance the big bodied OF keeps his weight back but gets a little handsy at times. From the OF he showed a strong, accurate arm. 
Dylan Robertson INF R/R 2015 La Jolla Country Day (San Diego, CA) Above average defender with a strong arm from 3B who shows good lateral range to both sides. Takes charge on bunts and pop ups. Balanced, quiet neutral stance allows him to use his quick hands to get the barrel through the zone which repeatedly produces line drives. 
Dillon Paulson 1B,LHP L/L 2015 Santa Fe Christian (San Diego, CA) A big, physical player (6'3" 195) who is very smooth around the bag. Handled all balls hit in his direction with very good footwork and a smooth glove. At the plate Paulson is the prototype 1B. Uses lower half well to generate power to all fields. Barrel stays in the zone throughout his swing with a quiet approach. On the mound, he showed a heavy FB that topped at 82 from a high 3/4 delivery. Also showed a 2-plane CB that topped at 71. Easy/repeatable delivery. 
- Les Lukach
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