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SoCal NTIS 13U and 14U Players Identified

The first step toward making the USA Baseball National Team was taken by a group of players last weekend when they participated in the National Team Identification Series (NTIS) workout in Southern California.

The players were separated into two groups - 2000 and 2001 birth dates - as they vie for an opportunity to make the 14U and 13U National Teams. These initial group of players identified by scouts are put into a pool of players to be considered for the Southern California team which will participate in the USA Baseball NTIS in Cary, NC.

The Southern California team is to be selected by June 1, 2014 and will be comprised of 16 players. 

The NTIS will feature 16 regional teams from around the country that will compete in a tournament format event. From the NTIS, USA Baseball will invite a minimum of 56 players to future National Team Trials and National Team Development Program opportunities, with the ultimate goal of being selected to represent our country as part of Team USA.

Below is the list of players, along with their travel ball teams, that have been identified for the Southern California teams.

2001 Birth Date Players - 13U
Carsen Falsken - Alliance
Dylan Swanson - Alliance
Ian Bonham - Alliance
Andres Lopez - CBAVictory Gold
Taylor Johnson - CBA Angels
Nicolas Gio - CBA Angels
Kellen Kozlowski - CBA Angels
Kyle Nevin - CBA Angels
Cody Freeman - CBA Bulldogs
Gabe Briones - CBA Bulldogs
Jordan Sprinkle - CBA Bulldogs
Daylan Acevedo - Upland Nationals
Zach Chonkich - Upland Nationals
Sebastian Murillo - Upland Nationals
Troy Taylor - Upland Nationals
Emilio Morales - Upland Nationals
Riley O’Sullivan - MIT
Spencer Jones - MIT
Ethan Sakata - MIT
Matthew Noce - MIT
Joseph Naranjo - CBA Bulldogs
Gunnar Antillion - RC Bulldogs
Nico De la Rippa - GBG
Max Flame - GBG
Carter Graham - GBG
Brandon Madrigal - GBG
Chris Aldrich - GBG
Robert Sharar - GBG
Derek Diamond - CBA Wave
Josh Paino - CBA Wave
Michael Campagna - CBA Wave
Eddie Aldama - CBAVictory Navy
Tony Jacobs - Placentia Mustangs

2000 Birth Date Players - 14U
Gavin Dohrn - RC Bulldogs
Jason Myers - RC Bulldogs
Ryan Meza - RC Bulldogs
Joseph Monets De Oca - RC Bulldogs
Brian Leonhardt - CBA Wave
Nate Smolinsky - CBA Wave
Justin Pablo  -CBA Wave
Nash Johnson - CBA Wave
Mason Pelio - CBA Wave
Mike Paredes - CBA Wave
Ja’Craron Bellinger - CBA Cavs
Jason Einobiden-Padilla - CBA Victory Gold
Diego Barrera - CBA Victory Gold
Cameron English - CBA Victory Gold
Danny Ramirez - CBA Victory Gold
Justin Lucas - CBA Bulldogs
Diego Santiago - CBA Bulldogs
Ryan Lamastra - CBA Bulldogs
Johnny Cuevas - CBA Bulldogs
Dylan Cook - CBA Bulldogs
Ethan Lu - CBA Bulldogs
Tristan Thomas - CBA Cavs
Noah Zamora - Renegades
Ryan Maciel - Renegades
Caden Matheny - Renegades
Taylor Juliene - Renegades
Garret Beltran - Placentia Mustangs
Ian Ramirez - Placentia Mustangs
Hayden Faunce - CBA Victory Navy
Darryl Ruiz - CBA Victory Navy
Collin Hoff - Alliance
Jerrett Howery - Alliance
Cole Coombes-Mickelson - Alliance

--Les Lukach

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