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JSerra Prospects

JSerra HS (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) is chalk-full of top prospects in all classes. The Lions have players committed in the senior, junior, and sophomore classes. They also have a couple of freshman who will be college players.

I had an opportunity to see JSerra this week against Servite (Anaheim, Calif.) in a game they won 3-0 in which Quentin Longrie (UCLA) threw a complete game five-hitter with nine strikeouts.

After the game I called a scout who has JSerra in his territory to talk about some of the notable prospects on their roster. Below are his comments.

2014 Parker Joe Robinson RHP/1B (Texas): "There is a lot to like about this guy. I mean, you can't coach that size. There is some question about where he plays because I don't know that he has the full arsenal on the mound yet to come in a make an impact. The bat is pretty good, though, which will give him a shot at being a two-way guy if he goes to school."

2015 Jake Pries OF (UCLA): "I'm a big fan of this guy. Prototypical corner outfield who has several tools. If there is one he lacks, it's speed. Not the fastest guy down the line yet he gets to a lot of balls quickly. His bat has improved over the last year and his arm strength and size (listed at 6'4") make him stand out. He's a different player physically this year compared to last."

2015 Quentin Longrie LHP (UCLA): "If this guy was 6'2" he'd be talked about as a top-two round guy. He struggled in the early part of the season, but he has really found his stuff in the last month. I had him touching 92 last week and his command has gotten a lot better. His curve ball has potential to be a plus pitch and the changeup is a nice change-of-pace pitch. Needs to show more consistency, but could make a name for himself nationally with a big summer."

2016 Chase Strumpf SS (UCLA): "Showed a lot of power this summer with Team USA but that hasn't really shown itself so far this season. His defense is improved although there are questions about what position he plays in the long run. Some say third base, others say second. For me, he's a second baseman. Arm strength and speed are minor concerns, although you can't deny his ability to hit."

2016 Brady Shockey OF/2B (USC): "I didn't know too much about him until he transferred into JSerra this year. Right away you can see his aggressive approach at the plate which flashes big-time power. I like the way he plays in the outfield and when he unleashes his arm, it's pretty special. Size (listed at 6'0") may hinder him from a draft perspective, but this kid is a player."

2016 Lyle Lin C/3B/RHP: "This guy is interesting. Moved he from Korea and he brings that style of play to his team. Don't know too much about him yet as he hasn't played in many games that I've seen, but he's definitely a guy to keep an eye on."

2017 Jack Owen LHP/OF: "This is a kid who is quickly becoming a favorite for scouts. Here is a kid who is smallish (listed at 6'1" 170) in size but is a complete bulldog on the mound. Has a very good understanding of how to pitch. Doesn't have the power to come in and challenge guys, but he has the ability to paint-the-black and his offspeed stuff is good already. Definitely a guy I'll be tracking the next couple years."

2017 Royce Lewis INF: "This guy could ultimately be the best infielder on the team. Incredibly smooth actions for a freshman. Will need to add strength, but defensively he's good already. Offensively, he'll get better too, but he doesn't waste as many at-bats as a you would expect from a freshman. His speed is phenomenal and has a very good understanding of baserunning." 

--Les Lukach

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