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LBSU Team Camp

Long Beach State will host an eight school team camp beginning Friday, January 10th and concluding Sunday, January 12th.  Due to the number of teams, the camp will take place at three locations: Blair Field in Long Beach, Long Beach State campus field, and Hart Park in Orange.

The team camp will feature some of SoCal's best high school teams and a powerhouse from northern California. Scheduled to participate are: El Toro, Valencia of Valencia, Alemany, West Ranch, Harvard Westlake, Orange Lutheran, Ayala, and De La Salle.

The camp will feature some top prospects for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes.

Prospects expected to participate inlcude: Jagger Rusconi (West Ranch), Jake Bird (West Ranch), Sean O'Shea (West Ranch), Jack Flaherty (Harvard Westlake), Ezra Steinberg (Harvard Westlake), Josh Morgan (Orange Lutheran), Garrett King (Orange Lutheran), Joey Sanchez (Orange Lutheran), Erik Cha (Ayala), Matt Acosta (Ayala), Timmy Nelson (Ayala), Tyler Durna (Ayala), Devon Davis (Valencia), Chad Bible (Valencia), Anthony Lepre (Valencia), Chris McCready (Valencia), Phillip Steering (El Toro), Andy Krear (El Toro),.

Below is the schedule with locations:

Friday (1/10/14)
Blair Field:
5:00pm: El Toro v Valencia
7:30pm: De La Salle v Alemany

Hart Park:
5:00pm: West Ranch v OLu
7:30pm: Harvard Westlake v Ayala

Saturday (1/11/14)
Blair Field:
11:30am: El Toro v West Ranch
2:00pm: OLu v Ayala
4:30pm: West Ranch v Alemany
7:00pm: Harvard Westlake v OLu

Long Beach State Campus:
9:30am: Alemany v Valencia
12:00pm: De La Salle v Harvard Westlake
2:30pm: El Toro v De La Salle

Hart Park:
6:00pm: Valencia v Ayala

Sunday (1/12/14)
Blair Field:
9:00am: De La Salle v OLu
11:30am: West Ranch v Ayala
2:00pm: Valencia v Harvard Westlake

Long Beach State Campus:
11:30am: Alemany v El Toro

--Les Lukach

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