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JSerra Baseball MLK Tournament

JSerra will once again serve as the host to the annual Martin Luther King Holiday Baseball Tournament to be held in Orange County from Saturday, January 18th thru Monday, January 20th.

While JSerra is the host school, games will be played at Aliso Niguel, Santa Margarita, Capo Valley, Mission Viejo, El Toro, and San Clemente high schools as well. Also participating are Harvard Westlake, Birmingham, Great Oak, Chaparral, Loyola, Saugus, El Camino Real, Vista Murrieta, Canyon, and West Ranch high schools.

The tournament will feature some of the best teams in the Southland along with some of the most coveted collegiate and professional prospects in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes.

Some of the top prospects expected to participate in the tournament are: Jack Flaherty (Harvard Westlake), Kyle Molnar (Aliso Niguel), Blake Sabol (Aliso Niguel), Dominic Colacchio (Aliso Niguel), Anthony Sommer (Aliso Niguel), Quinn Brodey (Loyola), Nathan Hadley (Loyola), Kyle Beadles (Loyola), Chase Strumpf (JSerra), Brady Shockey (JSerra), Parker Joe Robinson (JSerra), Quentin Longrie (JSerra), Griffin Canning (Santa Margarita), Patrick Sandoval (Mission Viejo), Lucas Herbert (San Clemente), Kolby Allard (San Clemente) Luke Dykstra (Westlake), Tyler Flores (Westlake), Adam Terrazas (Westlake), Brad Wegman (Great Oak), Marc Sauceda (Chaparral), Gavin Johns (Chaparral), Joey Mendez (Saugus), Rex Kemple (Saugus), Christian Bloom (El Camino Real), Tommy Derry (El Camino Real), Hayden Rappaport (El Camino), Jeremy Polon (El Camino Real), Hunter Tidwell (Vista Murrieta), Max Maitland (Vista Murrieta), Ian Nowak (Vista Murrieta), Jack Moberg (Vista Murrieta), Jagger Rusconi (West Ranch), Jake Bird (West Ranch), Sean O'Shea (West Ranch).

Below is the schedule. Game locations are in parentheses.

JSerra Catholic:
Saturday: 10:00 vs Harvard Westlake (JSerra Catholic)
Saturday: 12:30 vs Harvard Westlake (JSerra Catholic)
Saturday: 3:15 vs Saugas (JSerra Catholic)
Saturday: 6:15 vs Loyola (JSerra Catholic)
Sunday: 9:00 vs Birmingham (JSerra Catholic)
Monday: 9:00 vs El Camino Real (JSerra Catholic)

Aliso Niguel:
Saturday: vs Chapparal 8:30 (Aliso Niguel)
Saturday: vs Great Oak 11:00 (Aliso Niguel)
Sunday: vs West Ranch 9:00 (Aliso Niguel)
Monday: vs Saugas 9:00 (Aliso Niguel)

Santa Margarita:
Saturday: vs El Camino Real 8:30 (SM)
Saturday: vs Vista Murrieta 11:30 (SM)
Sunday: vs Loyola 9:00 (SM)
Monday: vs Birmingham 9:00 (SM)

Capo Valley:
Saturday: vs Saugas 9:00 (Capo)
Saturday: vs El Camino Real 12:00 (Capo)
Sunday: vs Great Oak 9:00 (Capo)
Monday: vs Vista Murrieta 9:00 (Capo)

Mission Viejo:
Saturday: vs West Ranch 9:00 (Mission)
Saturday: vs Loyola 12:00 (Mission)
Sunday: vs Chapparal 9:00 (Mission)
Monday: vs Great Oak 9:00 (Mission)

Saturday: vs Vista Murrieta 2:30 (Aliso Niguel)
Sunday: vs Birmingham 12:00 (Jserra Catholic)
Sunday: vs Saugas 3:00 (Jserra Catholic)
Monday: vs West Ranch 12:00 (San Clemente)

San Clemente:
Saturday: vs Great Oak 2:30 (SC)
Saturday: vs West Ranch 11:30 (SC)
Sunday: vs Vista Murrieta 9:00 (SC)
Monday: vs Chapparal 9:00 (SC)

Saturday: vs Mission Viejo 12:00 (Mission)
Saturday: vs JSerra 6:00 (JSerra Catholic)
Sunday: vs Santa Margarita 9:00 (SM)
Monday: vs El Toro 9:00 (ET)

Great Oak:
Saturday: vs Aliso Niguel 11:00 (Aliso Niguel)
Saturday: vs San Clemente 2:30 (San Clemente)
Sunday: vs Capo Valley 9:00 (Capo Valley)
Monday: vs Mission Viejo 9:00 (Mission)

Vista Murrieta:
Saturday: vs Santa Margarita 11:30(SM)
Saturday: vs Canyon 2:30 (Aliso Niguel)
Sunday: vs San Clemente 9:00 (SC)
Monday: vs Capo Valley 9:00 (Capo)

El Camino Real:
Saturday: vs Santa Margarita 8:30 (SM)
Saturday: vs Capo Valley 12:00 (Capo)
Sunday: vs El Toro 9:00 (ET)
Monday: vs JSerra 9:00 (JSerra Catholic)

Saturday: vs Aliso Niguel 8:30 (Aliso Niguel)
Saturday: vs El Toro 12:15 (ET)
Sunday: vs Mission Viejo 9:00 (Mission)
Monday: vs San Clemente 9:00 (SC)

Saturday: vs Capo Valley 9:00 (Capo)
Saturday: vs JSerra 3:00 (JSerra Catholic)
Sunday: vs Canyon 3:00 (JSerra Catholic)
Monday: vs Aliso Niguel 9:00 (Aliso Niguel)

West Ranch:
Saturday: vs Mission Viejo 8:30 (Mission)
Saturday: vs San Clemente 11:30 (SC)
Sunday: vs Aliso Niguel 9:00 (Aliso Niguel)
Monday: Canyon 12:00 (San Clemente)

Saturday: vs El Toro 9:00 (ET)
Sunday: vs JSerra 9:00 (JSerra Catholic)
Sunday: vs Canyon 12:00 (JSerra Catholic)
Monday: vs Santa Margarita 9:00 (SM)

El Toro:
Saturday: vs Birmingham 9:00 (ET)
Saturday: vs Chapparal 12:15 (ET)
Sunday: vs El Camino Real 9:00 (ET)
Monday: vs Loyola 9:00 (ET)

--Les Lukach
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