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Prospect Focus: 2014 RHP Leo Hernandez

Leo Hernandez (Orange Lutheran HS) is an intriguing right handed pitching prospect simply due to his unorthodox delivery style. He mixes a 3/4 and a straight sidearm delivery with good results. His ability to locate the fastball and changeup combined with his unique delivery make it difficult for hitters to square him up with any consistency. He also features a slider which he threw once for a strike.

I saw him throw on Sunday, September 15th, for the Mariners Scout Team in SoCal. He faced six batters and allowed one hit - a weak dribbler that got through the right side.

I was sitting next to two scouts, one college and one professional, and asked them their opinion on Hernandez.

"He has potential to be a tremendous asset as a set-up/closer type," said one AL scout. "That delivery combined with the ability to throw strikes makes him intriguing, although he's going to need to add velocity."

"I like what he has to offer," said the college scout. "I'd like to see him develop a third pitch, but he certainly has the ability to pitch at the next level."

Below is a video shot that afternoon. For some reason or another the Mariners coach decided to play the game with the hitting cage up which blocked the best shooting angles, but I did my best to get some shots.

--Les Lukach
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