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Prospect Focus: 2015 3B/RHP Jonathan Buckley

Standing at 6'3" and 185 pounds, Jonathan Buckley immediately catches the eye of observers. While the soon-to-be junior didn't start for the Ayala Bulldogs (Chino Hills, Calif.) until the middle of last season, Buckley took full advantage of his opportunity.

"He came up during our spring break tournament," said Ayala head coach Chris Vogt. "He started at third base the second half of the season and hit .347 in 55 plate appearances."

Buckley's advanced glove work at the hot corner helped the Bulldogs shore up their infield and make a late push towards the playoffs, which came up just short. 

"He's a very good third baseman with a plus arm for the position," said Vogt of the third baseman who has been clocked close to 90mph across the diamond. 

Working with Dave Coggin of Performance Fitness for Athletes, Buckley has taken to pitching recently. While the position is new to him, he seems to be catching on quickly. 

"[He] is growing into his body," said Coggin. "But, he improves every time I see him. The sky is the limit for this young stud, either as a pitcher or a position player."

Below is a video shot 6/5/13 of Buckley throwing a bullpen.

--Les Lukach

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