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Prospect Feature: 2016 Logan Poulesen

Freshman Logan Poulesen is the starting third baseman for the Huntington Beach Oilers baseball team, a proud program with a tradition of producing players. Los Angeles Angels catcher Hank Conger played his high school baseball there before being drafted in 2006.

Head coach Benji Medure sees a lot of similarities between the big leaguer and the precocious, often prodigious, freshman. He was on the staff while the future first round pick plied his craft on the quirky high school field a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

"It's not often you have a freshman call everybody up to talk to the team," said Medure. "He's very mature for being so young. He's a lot like Hank [in that regard]."

Huntington Beach took a big chance by playing in the National Classic last week, and while they looked overwhelmed at times, Poulesen didn't flinch. He finished 7-for-12 en route to All Tournament honors.

"That was a tough tournament," said Medure of the National Classic a stiff test relative to past tournaments the Oilers have played. "What a great experience though. He was All Tournament."

The experience has catapulted the freshman into the minds of college recruiters and summer programs alike.

"You name it," said Medure when asked what schools are interested in Poulesen. "Nationally, he's becoming well known."

--Les Lukach 

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