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Ayala HS BSB Field Vandalized

Head Coach Christopher Vogt got a rude welcoming when he showed up to work on Monday morning as he found his baseball field had been vanadalized over the weekend. The coach wasn't sure when the incident happened or who is behind it.
"At some point over the weekend someone came onto our field and took our grooming machine for a joy ride, " said Vogt.   

While the majority of the damage is minor and can be fixed with a good nail drag, the pitching mound took the brunt of the vandals abuse and will take some major work to get into working condition. 

"The area from the rubber to the grass was torn up bad," said Vogt. "There were holes 6-10 inches deep."

There was also some minor graffiti in the dugout but Vogt said there was no paint used and it can be cleaned up.

The grooming machine also took some abuse as the vandals appear to have broken the hydraulic arm on the drag which could be a costly repair. "The district mechanics are coming out today to take a look at it," said Vogt in preparation for the worst news.

The second year head coach has made it his mission to change the culture at Ayala which hasn't had a winning season since 2006. Vogt and his staff have worked hard to get players to buy in to what they're preaching and the team is beginning to see the results having lost only three one-run games since the end of last season. 

"The kids came on their winter break to help with sod cutting and general maintenance," said Vogt. "The players are upset because they have put so much time in only to have someone disrespect their work."

Seems like great motivation for a hungry group of players. 

Update: As of Thursday, 1/31/13, no new leads have come forward during the investigation. Coach Vogt told me that the booster club has put up a reward for any information that leads to the apprehension of the culprits. 

Ayala HS Pitching Mound

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